We offer multiple package prices based off how much or how little you would like staged in your vacant home. We also include kitchen and bathroom accessories in all packages for no additional cost. We tailor the style of furniture and accessories to compliment the design of your home, making it more likely to stand out in this competitive market. Our inventory is sourced from a combination of our own warehouse, local warehouses, and local boutiques, which gives us a variety of furniture and decor items to help your vision come to life.


Living + dining + Kitchen + Master bedroom + Bathroom accessories

Living + dining + Kitchen + Master Bedroom + bathroom accessories + bonus room

Living + dining + Kitchen + Bathrooms + Master Bedroom + Guest bedrooms + Bonus rooms + premium furniture

Staging your already furnish home.-2.jpg

Get expert consulting to stage your home using what you already have.

Our staging consultation includes a multitude of possible services to help your home sell, including:

  • Rearranging indoor and outdoor furniture 
  • Adding small decor items
  • Paint color selection
  • Decluttering & organizational help
  • Maintenance advice & referrals

What to expect.

1. Consultation

We will meet with you on-site to get measurements and decide on some design ideas.

2. Agreement

We will make the final decisions and sign our contract.

3. Staging

On the agreed upon date, we will have the house staged and set. If the house has not sold in the first month, we offer the next month at a discounted or daily rate. | If we are helping you stage your own furniture and decor, we will help you rearrange and set up your space on the agreed upon date. 

4. Job Completion

Once the house is sold, we will have the home cleared of all furnishings within one week.