How To: Mid-Century Modern.

We continue our "How To" series with my personal favorite and the currently trending mid-century modern. 


1. Layout. Unlike traditional style, mid-century modern tends to be asymmetrical. Dining rooms chairs don't have to match, and gallery walls make for organized chaos. This layout will be mostly open and simple with select statement pieces and lots of indoor greenery. Living rooms and bedrooms have large vintage, jute or simple patterned rugs that include most of the color. 

2. Paint color. Paints colors for walls with be mostly neutrals such as greys, whites, and taupe. You can work in accents walls that are emerald green, navy, burnt orange, and mustard yellow, but most designers leave the colors in the throw pillows and wall art. 

3. Flooring. Most mid-mod decor works well with hardwood flooring, but you could also make stained concrete floors look great with this style. As mentioned above, large rugs with cover most of your flooring. 

4. Furniture. This is the most fun part of the mid-mod design as the furniture will make or break your look. The focal piece of the living room, your couch, can be upholstered with an array of fabrics, such as grey fabric, camel-colored leather, or velvet. What gives your couch the mid-mod look is the squared off edges and the wide-to-narrow peg legs. Your coffee table, dining room table, and tv stand/ credenza should also have similar style legs to keep this look. Rattan chairs and benches also look great as accent pieces with this style. 

5. Window coverings. in most mid-century modern homes, you will find little to no window coverings. This style welcomes in lots of light and simple window frames - definitely no shutters. If you opt for any curtains, since some of you can't sleep with all the light coming in, opt for simple white curtains or dark velvet curtains to get the job done. 

If you follow these design tips, you will have no problem creating an authentic mid-century modern look. Also, make sure to check our our Pinterest board for some examples!