How to choose the right drinking glass.

Last week I had an amazing dinner with a wine maker and can't believe the fabulous wine I got to taste and enjoy.  During the dinner our conversation focused around the types of grapes to use to bring out each flavor or type of wine.  So much info about grapes in one night! We also talked about how particular types of glasses can really enhance the essence of wine and allow all your senses to experience each sip.  This sent my mind into a spin because I truly forgot what glass to use with what type of drink!! Good news though, Pia Sinha from Houzz saved the day and provides the drinking enthusiasts a quick list for choosing the correct drinking glass.

Below, I have given the cliff notes version but read her full article here. I have also paired with the glass list, my favorite glassware from Target. Enjoy!

red wine glass.jpeg

Red Wine.

Red wine has very bold flavors and can create a rich aroma of fragrances but they need to be captured in a large bowl-shaped glass with long stems. This type of glass allows for all the amazing flavors to come through. This also allows for more oxygen into the wine thus enhancing more flavor.

white wine glass.jpeg

White Wine.

White wine has much softer and more delicate flavors so it is imperative to put this type of wine in a narrower glass, keeping the amazing taste in each sip to the last drop. 



The iconic V-shaped with long stem glass is typically used for a variety of cocktails and should be a staple in your home! This type of glass is great for a Lemon Drop, Cosmopolitan, or just a fantastic Extra Dry Martini.



This one is obvious, the bubblier, the narrower the glass. Champagne or any type of sparkling drink needs a small surface area so the drink doesn't go too flat too fast.

high ball tumbler.jpg

Highball Glass.

I had no clue what the name was of this type of glass until recently but these glasses are wonderful for mixed drinks and cocktails.  A great example of when to use this tall and narrow glass is for a rum and coke or a gin and tonic.

lowball tumbler.jpg

Lowball Glass.

Aka Double old-fashioned. To its counterpart, a lowball glass is a short sided, flat bottomed glass used for traditional drinks like whisky on the rocks or scotch. This is another great staple to add to your collection at home!


Brandy Snifter.

A super short stem and rounded bowl make this classic glass a helping hand in keeping your brandy warm and flavorful with the short mouth on the glass.



In order to enjoy the delicious tastes of pilsner beers, these glasses were made tall, slender, and tapered to help enhance the bubbly flavors of these beers.



I 'mustache' you a question! These are probably the most common glasses and can be a great to pair with a variety of beers. These glasses are widened at the top to allow for senses to embrace the smells and tastes.


Beer Goblet.

Dark beer or heavy beer? Use the goblet.  They have a rounded bowl with a stem and truly allow the enthusiasts to experience all aromas and tastes with the wide opening.  Perfect for an ale or stout.