A day in the life of a stager.

This might seem like a chaotic mess to the normal eye, but, to Grace and I, this is our happy place.  We are not the most traditional designers, but we are creative, out of the box thinkers, spunky ladies, and girl boss go-getters.  This hot mess of a pile is our organized chaos that will soon change a spec home into a warm, cozy, and classic craftsman house. 

Staging. My favorite thing about my business. This is not only the best part, but it is the part that comes the most natural to me and allows me to express my creativity. It is a process though.  Let me take you through a home staging project step by step. 

Step 1. Concept. 
Here we meet the clients and the house. I really enjoy this stage because this is where I get to know my clients and help make their space a beautiful showcase. This is where our brains start racing and dive in to create a plan and layout for furniture, accessories, and placement. We measure spaces and categorize the rooms.  Our journals are full of space planning ideas, furniture arranging, side notes, and little details that will help make each and every crevice of the home a masterful finish. 

Step 2. Make the list. 
Now that we have done our measurements, designed our finished furniture layout, it is time to create the master list of materials. I close my eyes, and visual each room individually seeing what type of pictures or art will appear on the walls. It is amazing how my brain works and walks me through each room like a slide show. I continue to imagine the furniture we will use and visualize the layers of accessories that will be placed on each. These lists we generate are detailed and intricate in order for Grace and I to spend less time gathering and more time staging.

Step 3. Round up the furniture and accessories. 
Since we are still new, our inventory is spread out between our warehouse and both of our homes. This step takes a few days because of our scramble to find the perfect pieces for each home. Accessories and furniture are collected and brought to our warehouse.  The list is checked off for each piece when accounted for and the delivery of it all comes next. 

Step 4. Deliver.
This can be a challenge. Between Grace's car, mine, and our delivery men's trucks, we all work together to get everything loaded into the house. Depending on the amount of things we have, this may take some time. Hours even!

Step 5. Stage.
My all time favorite thing!! Time to get it done! Grace and I work hard at this step but we also make sure to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Hence the random "ghost" in our shot!  We have a very interesting way of decorating and staging.  Both of us decorate and then re-decorate probably three times in each space! We are rearranging pillows, changing out art work or plants.  Throw blankets are folded and refolded to be placed just right on the furniture. But this is us just trying to get the space perfect in our eyes. We might spend several hours depending on the size of the home or stage, however, this is crucial for us to get this piece of the puzzle just right. 

Step 6. Take pictures and admire.
After we work diligently to perfect each home, Grace and I finally take a step back and admire our fantastic work.  It is important for us to walk the home and check out each space. We both don't give ourselves enough credit, but we do an amazing job together and create just beautiful spaces!!  

Be sure to checkout our recent work on our website and see our latest project, Lincoln Street. This was a fun and enjoyable home to stage!