How To: Chic.

When I think of chic style, anything pink and fluffy comes to mind. However a chic design is so much more than a high schooler's dream room. It's the picture of sophistication- not to be confused with shabby chic. If an elegant look is what you're going for, here is the way to do it.


1. Layout. The layout for chic style can be a mix of symmetrical and asymmetrical. Using a lot of white will keep the space looking open though you will have a lot of different pieces and textures to fill up your space. 

2. Paint color. Paints colors for walls will be mostly white, with some pink or greyscale accent walls. This look is very clean so you don't want to bring any warm tones into the mix. 

3. Flooring. Most chic flooring will be some sort of clean tile or light colored hardwork (thing grey stained). If you like carpet, keep it in the bedrooms, but feel free to add large scale fur rugs into your main areas. 

4. Furniture. This design requires high-end, quality pieces. You will want to look for a combination of fabric and leather, and anything tufted is a plus. You can accent your pieces with fur throws and fluffy pillows. Velvet makes a great addition to this style as well. 

5. Window coverings. In chic homes, you will find that you can go all out with your window coverings. You will want to mount them high above your windows for a more grandiose look, and use heavy fabric that drapes all the way to the floor. You can mount beautiful hooks to pull back your curtains or make a tie out of the fabric itself. Use the area of your room to add in some pinks or purples if you have otherwise stuck to neutrals. 

Make sure to check out our Pinterest aboard for some great examples of chic rooms!