How To: Farmhouse.

Happy New Year!! Welcome back everyone. The holidays are always a crazy and busy time, but we are sure glad to be back in the swing of things. We are continuing our “How to” series.  This week: farmhouse design.

Farmhouse decorating and design is my absolute favorite style! It is comfortable and welcoming without getting too “country kitchen.”  If you are familiar with “Fixer Upper”, Joanna Gaines and her fancy team exploded this type of design all over the country! It's a style that gives a home warmth and a sense of safety. There are a multitude of things that you can do that will result in a fresh farmhouse look.  But these five design elements are essential in creating a true, farmhouse design. Take a look.

farmhouse 2.jpg

1.Layout.  The most obvious and distinctive elements of a farmhouse design are simplicity with a strong sense of intimacy. Farmhouse design is known for simple design, simple layout.  You will find that seating arrangements in this type of design are very close and intimate, so a family can enjoy themselves together.  There is usually an over sized sofa, a few chairs, and a large coffee table that everyone can center around. This design also takes advantage of structural elements like wood beams or open shelving.  This helps provide the warmth and character known in the farmhouse style.

2.Paint color. Light and white are a must!! These stay true to the original farmhouse designs back in the day when there was no accessibility to bold colors or finishes. Farmhouses were simple, straight to the point, and workable homes.  With these walls painted in a basic neutral, you also gain a wonderful backdrop for textured accessories.

3.Flooring. Floors in a farmhouse design are warm and weathered to give the feel of the old days.  You will see mostly hardwood floors in this type of style with accents of warm textured area rugs that provide a softness to the hardwoods. Sometimes black and white tiles are used in the bathrooms or terracotta tiles might be seen in kitchens or sun rooms.

4.Furniture. In a farmhouse over sized, luscious furniture is certain! Neutral tones or even white slip covers will be found in the living room. It is also important to use multiple neutral palette textures such as leather, neutral stripes, burlap, or even cotton to give a cozy feel in the room. Pillows also use these types of textures and colors to add depth to the design.  Vintage accessories are also used as well in this style.  Lamps, accent shelving, and accent tables might include dark metal frames that contain a simple design style too.

5.Window coverings and fabrics. To soften and warm up the space, use the same textures as you would on chairs and pillows for your fabrics and window treatments. This just adds even another depth and layer to the home.

Follow these simple design elements and in no time at all you will have a stunning farmhouse.  Also, take a look at our Pinterest board of our favorite farmhouse interiors.  Enjoy!