What to do with that brown couch.

Instead of dismantling and torching that dreadful brown couch sitting in your living room, glam it up! We all have that one piece of furniture we are not sure what to do with or where to place in our house.  Don't get aggravated, fall in love again. Think of that brown couch as a fresh blank canvas ready to be tackled.  The color brown, whether it is a rich dark brown or a light shade of dirt, can be an amazing starting point for a fantastic design in a room.  

The first and easiest way to bring life to the brown couch is a simple set of throw pillows. Here you can get creative with pops of vibrant color or create a soothing monotone of neutrals.  Blues and oranges compliment brown and give off a fun and joyful vibe in the room.  Green tones can provide the room with a calm and relaxing atmosphere.  Creams and sandy brown tones will help compliment the brown and give the room a gentle touch.  If you need glitter and sparkle in your life, throw a few sequined pillows on that sexy couch! 

If the pillows don't provide enough glam then the next focus should be the accent rug. Usually rugs create an amazing wow factor in the room because of their size and stature.  In another blog, I will help you find the perfect rug but until then, find a rug that improves your mood and comfort! It is important to find complimentary colors in the rug so there is no clashing of design. You also want to make sure if there is a rug pattern that the pattern has a coordinating look with the accent pillows. 

Lastly, get cozy! One more accent that can bring the boring brown to a stunning piece of art is a simple throw blanket.  Have fun with this one! Throws are wonderful because they have more than one function: a design accent and a snuggle factor. Find a soft and cozy throw with complimentary colors to your throw pillows. If there is a strong line pattern in the pillows, then the throw blanket can have solid colors or even a fun print to counter the strong lines in
the pillows. Ultimately, have fun styling your boring brown couch into a stunning show piece in your room.  Love your brown couch again and be proud of your exquisite work of art! 

Below are some of my favorite examples of the transformed brown couch! Enjoy!

Amy Chitwood | Designer