The trendy item your house may still be missing: the mirror.

Magicians use mirrors for a reason, they are magical! Mirrors are designers secret weapon. They serve so many purposes and yet are very aesthetically pleasing. Mirrors add light to the space, create depth and dimension, and can provide drama and appeal to any room. The best part about a mirror is that in this current industry, there are an unlimited supply of styles and sizes to fit any decor or design fashion. When chosen strategically and styled right, a mirror can be the show stopper in your space. 

It is important to first decide on how you want to showcase the mirror.  Will this mirror be a focal point, an accent piece, or just be in the background?  Once that is determined, then focus on the size. If the mirror is too small on a large wall, the mirror will become "lost" and will not serve it's function.  So if the mirror is the focal point, make sure it takes up about half or even three quarters of the wall space. If it is an accent piece, place the mirror with other furnishings and a few accessories to create a small vignette or a collection of pieces together. 

There are an abundance of types of mirrors out on the market. Not all mirrors have to be attached to the wall either. They are now trending as furniture pieces and accessories. Several furniture companies are now creating dressers, console tables, night stands, etc with mirror front panels. These pieces are elegant and can be focal pieces in the room. There are also mirror trays and vases that can be placed on furnishings to compliment the space. 

No matter what, any design scheme or type of home can benefit from the beauty of mirrors. Check out the types of mirrors below that I found to be stunning and a wonderful addition to any space! Enjoy!