How to choose the right area rug for your space.

Just moved into a new space or redecorated? There couldn't be a better time to find a new area rug! Believe it or not, there are many things to consider when purchasing a rug, but don't worry!  It is as easy as 1 2 3.  

1. Size matters! 

When in doubt go with a bigger size.  You want to make sure the rug grounds all the furniture that will be focused around it. If you have an average sofa size in your living room or family room, your best bet will be an 8 x 10 or 9 x 12 rug.  This will allow a few end tables, coffee table, and accent chairs to comfortably rest all front legs on the rug. If you are searching for the perfect rug for your dining room, be sure to find a rug size that covers both the table and all chairs to fit totally on to the rug.  The rule of thumb is to ideally have 36 inches, no less than 24 inches, extended beyond the table to allow for the chairs to be pulled out completely. If you have a queen or king size bed and looking for a rug, be sure to buy a rug that covers at least 2/3 of your bed size. A good tip to remember, a queen bed should be accompanied with an 8 x 10 rug and a king bed should be paired with a 9 x 12 rug for symmetry.  

2. Watch out for traffic! 

Once you have nailed down the size you need, next is to decide on the functionality and type of material you will need for your space. If the area is a high traffic area and constantly used, it is so important to get a durable fiber rug. Wool is one the most common materials used for rugs because of the softness and durability.  It is a strong material, stain and water repellent and fantastic for living rooms, dinning rooms, and high traffic areas.  Be careful though, wool can fade with high sun exposure. Another rug material is cotton.  This is be used to make flat-weave rugs such as dhurries and kilims.  Cotton is more affordable than wool and super easy to clean. It is wonderful for those areas of the home that are kid friendly like kitchens, play rooms, and children's rooms. If you have an area in your space that receives lots of light, try Sisal or Jute.  These types of natural rugs are fantastic for living rooms or high traffic areas. They are extremely strong and give a space a warm, natural palette. If you have a low traffic area and want something elegant, so for silk. They are wonderful in bedrooms or formal areas. These types of rugs are luxurious but do require a lot of attention and need professional cleaning. Synthetic rugs are another choice. They contain nylon, viscose, and polypropylene which make them best for hallways, high traffic areas, sunny spots, and even outdoors. These are affordable and very family friendly. 

3. Style it up!

The fun part! Now that you have picked your size and type of material, enjoy the last step, style and color.  Working with a neutral palette in your home, select from the jute or sisal rugs.  Vibrant colors and style in your design? Then hands down go for the silk.  If you want the same look as silk but more durable and easy on the wallet, grab a synthetic rug. Area rugs can truly make an impact in any room because of their size and stature so have fun selecting complimentary designs and color tones and bringing warmth into your space. Hope these tips help and give you confidence when finding a rug!